Emissions reduction strategy

Emissions reduction is one of the most serious challenges the energy industry is currently facing. Process Ecology enables companies in the energy industry to quantify, manage and reduce emissions. Process Ecology was founded in Calgary, Alberta in 2003. We have substantial experience delivering process engineering services for the oil and gas industry, as well as detailed knowledge of process simulation, acquired by the founders over the last decade while working with leading process simulation software companies Hyprotech/Aspentech and as part of our independent software and services activities. The Process Ecology Management Team represents over 40 years of experience in process engineering. Process Ecology has been helping energy companies comply with the requirements of Directive 039 since it was introduced.

With the Process Ecology Emissions Advisor you only pay when we calculate benzene emissions and generate the DEOS report/graph. We can also work with you to review technology options, complete the Decision Tree Analysis and optimize existing operations.

Steps in an emissions reduction strategy


Data Gathering

We streamline the effort of bringing relevant data to a centralized location.


Emissions calculations

We have the technical background and are aware of current industry requirements, ensuring consistent and credible emissions quantification.


Regulatory reporting

We develop the documentation needed for regulatory bodies.


Emissions reductions

We help find economic opportunities for emissions reduction.


Data management

Information is stored in a centralized location, can be accessed at any time and trends can be reviewed.

Basic Benzene Emissions Management / Reporting Service for Glycol Dehys

The service includes secured database management for all your glycol dehy units, the accurate calculation of benzene emissions for each unit, and the associated DEOS report and graph as outlined by the AER. The Inventory file is also automatically generated.

Advanced Benzene Emissions Reduction Services for Natural Gas Dehydration

Additional services include engineering studies to review available technology options to reduce emissions as well as ensure sales gas specifications. The Decision Tree Analysis can also be executed for new applications.