Benzene Emissions Advisor

An internet-based turnkey solution to manage air emissions from Glycol Dehydration units (AER Directive 39 compliance)

Key Benefits

  • Generate DEOS reports and Inventory List as required by AER Directive 039 (and BC/SK regulations) automatically.
  • Facilitate compliance with Government and Company regulations.
  • Ensure reliable emissions estimates.
  • Analysis tools are provided to identify emissions reduction strategies.
  • Explore BTEX, GHG and Energy profiles.
  • Access to all information anywhere, anytime.
  • Engineering analysis of all units (e.g. control options for units over the limit).
  • » No need for software installation.
    » Per unit pricing allows for easy and accurate budgeting.



Engineering calculations

Accurately calculate benzene emissions as required for AER (and BC/SK) regulations, and find opportunities to reduce emissions.


Emissions Management

Input or upload site info/analyses, stored in one secure location for easy access.



Automatically generate DEOS Sheet and Inventory Form according to AER requirements.